Monday, 23 April 2012

View through the telescope...

In a previous post I shared about my litte enchanted evening at sunset on Blackpool North pier. At the end of the pier was this telescope and it immediately gave me some inspiration for a design. I started to think about how the image seen through the viewfinder captures a small aspect of a whole picture or scene and how when this is narrowed down that the image becomes magnified and the sole focus of attention. I went on to muse over how this could also relate to different aspects of time and different eras and considered how all these things could be explored in varied scale and blended together within a design. 

 I started to collect together drawings and old and new photos and capturing little circular snippets which best represented the overall image. It was really great fun and I could have gone on and on with this concept. Here is the first draft on the design, which incorporates the backs of old photos, line drawing and ink patterns along with a little bit of text (which I will probably omit in further development) as I think it makes the design look too contrived?

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