Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Murmuration at last...!

I have spent the past week on holiday in the idyllic countryside of the Ribble Valley, by as work was never far from my mind I persuaded a very unwilling bunch to leave the rural delights and head for the seaside so that I could get some snaps...the enthusiasm at the outset was pitiful but I have to say by the end of the day we had al had a fab day out in a very clean and friendly Blackpool. Having been a number of times over the years i have to say i have never been a real fan, but I had a truly memorable experience at the end of the day! Just as we were about to leave the sun started to set and I decided to catch the remains of the light. We stopped at the North pier...I went below the pier and got some shots from the beach and then went onto the pier itself. The experience on the pier was was almost totally deserted and yet music was still being played down the length of it.... at the end I felt like I had found treasure not only did I stumble upon a stunning vintage carousel ride but also found sone smaller beautiful fairground rides which i suspect dated back to the forties! All this was combined with a murmuration of starlings swooping around the end of the pier in delightful patterns and formations. I felt truly blessed as all this was framed by a stunning sunset...heavenly. Here are just a few of the photos I took...

I love the contrast of the silhouettes in these photos of the pier and the birds and adore some of the angular patterns in the structure beneath the pier.

I was totally enchanted by this little organ in the centre of a small carousel ride, I love the colour palette and all the different shapes and elements of the pipework and little drum. i feel really inspired to incorporate elements of this within my work....I just couldn't stop looking at  all the detail...I only wish I had more time to take more photographs of it. 

I was struck by how pretty even the lighting was on the fairground ride, I thought these bulbs were typical of the attention to detail in these very elegant fairground rides...loved also how rudimentary the wiring looked and even how decorative the electrical box was...

I took this shot as we were driving along the sea front, although the photo is not the most perfect it's one of my favourites and I feel it has lots of scope for development digitally.

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