Monday, 30 April 2012

Candy rock, candy floss and a very sticky scanner...!!

Glued I have been to my lovely Mac, engineering prints for my scarves! Yesterday I was really naughty and sandwiched some broken bits of rock (the sweet candy version) in my scanner...I will be in so much trouble! I manipulated the images into kaleidoscopic images, rotating and flipping, enlarging and reducing. 
There is nothing I love more than photocopying and scanning things and then abstracting them.  Have to confess I have even had candy floss trapped in the scanner in last couple of days, although that has yet to appear in a design. Hopefully I have removed all the evidence...! Here is the work so far...not the finished article, but definitely getting there. I am going to print a sample on silk tomorrow all being well and then make final decisions about colour and further development. I have decided to try some different orientations and shapes as well as styles, so that I can show some diversity in my collection, but keeping colour palette as a constant throughout. This is becoming a bit tricky a times and I feel I need to reign this in now as I am reaching the final phase! I also produced a very different style of scarf, which has been a hit amongst my friends. It's very different to the candy rock scarf, but I am like both the symmetry of the bird design and the abstract print in the candy print...hmmm decisions, decisions!!?

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