Saturday, 21 April 2012

New scarf design...

This is a potential new design for my final collection of scarves. I started by illustrating layers of rock and paint and by hiding little images and references to my theme inside the layers of rock.... Once I had completed my drawing work I scanned the backs of old photos from my family albums to add a background with a vintage feel. I then blended this with an image of scanned fabric which I had used a shibori technique on to produce a light grungy look which is on trend currently. Final I created a bush preset and added birds from a photograph I took in Blackpool. I love the finished design and am now ready to sample on different fabrics using digital print. I already feel that silk is going to be the fabric of choice for the final piece. Once printed I will then start to experiment with some light embellishment. I do think that this design will sit well in my chosen target

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