Sunday, 15 April 2012

E is for Eclectic

I have been playing around with my photos from Blackpool and some of the work from my sketchbook. It seems I am still fixated with this idea of street art and I thought I would experiment using CAD to do my own graffiti art. I have combined a few of my own photos and manipulated them digitally and then used my ink blot drawings as an overlay. I was really pleased with the outcome as I love the sharp angular graphic background in contrast with the abstract ink drawing. Also feel the ink has a sense of splashing up in the foreground like waves. I like the asymmetry of the print which I think makes the scarf very contemporary. I may need to consider the finishing size of the scarf, but think ultimately it may make a great scarf as the drapes and folds would have fabulous contrast... Would love your comments on this one!

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