Friday, 20 April 2012

My street art...

I have been busy applying my own street art to some of the landmarks in my local town...but don't worry I haven't committed any illegal acts and I am certainly not heading for an ASBO any time soon. I have been experimenting with blending images using CAD. In this shot I was inspired by the designer Philip Roucou who has launched a collection of beautiful scarfs with retro photo shots. In this case I have used one of my recent photos of the Dome in Whitley Bay and blended it with one of the ink drawings I have done today. I have then added a filter to create a vintage look. This is one of my attempts at colouring photos but using a more contemporary technique. I think this would be lovely printed digitally onto silk as the contrast between the photo and the colour in the drawing is quite striking. I intend to explore more work using unusual ways of colouring photos. I have recently been really inspired by the work of Jose Romussi's Photo embroidery...similar to that of Maurizio Anzeri, Romussi adds threads to old vintage photos but unlike Anzeri he adorns the garments worn by the subject rather then their faces. I find Romussi's work more appealing and a more adaptable approach for commercial products, but do find Anzeri's work more thought provoking and edgy.

Jose Romussi

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