Tuesday, 1 May 2012

How I miss u stitch...!

I have been yearning to do some sewing and embroidery lately, but felt I needed to finish my print work first before I started creating my embellishment. I haven't finished printing yet, but I feel I need a change of scenery so to speak... I am truly inspired by the work of Marit Fujiwara, whose fabric manipulation and embroidery is just phenomenal. When I revisited Marit's work I was enthralled by how reminiscent of my visual research on layered things. It has got me thinking about being more adventurous with my stitch and embroidery work. I plan on experimenting with creating my own layering by attempting some fabric manipulation of my own mixed with some machine embroidery and print- watch this space!

Marit Fujiwara


Just noticing how similar this design is to the look of quilling...obviously riding on the same vibe with all this imagery!

Allison Watkins

Another  new and amazing find this week has been the work of Allison Watkins...wow the varied use of stitch and colour...it just sings! Am musing over this type of embroidery in my work...obviously it is used in a very illustrative way in Allison's work but I love how linear it is and the use of tone in the thread. I am wondering whether it would look fab mixed in an abstract way over print...? Need to stop procrastinating and get sampling...can't think these things into being...pity!

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