Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Here is my new print in the flesh...well actually in the photo! I have been experimenting with different ideas for various garments, but at the minute this is totally my favourite. I feel it really does the print justice and am amazed how much the print is enhanced by transforming it from a flat piece into something constructed...just a little bit magic! I already have a few little ideas for some delicate embellishment.

I have also been playing around with one of my newly finished scarves. There is so much scope for how they can be used. I initially thought it was a bit crazy to make it 100cm x 100cm...but know I think it's the perfect size and have found doing research that there are an abundance of scarves this size, probably because there is so much scope for how to wear it. Hopefully there will four more to add to this tomorrow if all goes to plan in the print room.

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