Thursday, 17 May 2012


I have discovered these stunning collages by Jill Ricci today and I have to say I am tad bit jealous of these pieces as I had envisaged that I would produce some beautiful collages in this kind of vein with my circular discs. Feeling a bit sad that I haven't developed my drawing and painting more prior to starting my digital work, but I guess it's all about keeping on track with the schedule. I do really struggle with this I think I would carry on developing till I keeled over sometimes. So often feel that I could run and run with ideas. I do think this is a good thing, but you do have to know when to stop and work on the final outcome!! I will definitely have to put strategies I place to help me do this when I work as a freelance designer and have to work without college deadlines...!

Jill Ricci

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