Wednesday, 14 March 2012 large dose of inspiration!!

Layers of life...

For those of you who have ever been stuck down a creative dead-end I want to take a moment just to empathise with you, for those who have never been down this street consider your self is the most frustrating of experiences!! The antidote is however always close at hand, a walk down your own street can be enough to start the engine again... for me enlightenment came in the form of graffiti and peeling paint...This photograph by Amy McKenzie shows a piece of paint chip 1cm thick with 1050-200 layers of paint!! Started me thinking about how layers of history can grow over time and how beautiful it can look even if it is just a chunk of urban debris!

Leslie Shows

This work by Leslie Shows is totally awesome...I love the sophisticated collaging and the amazing use of colour...have just reversed out of my dead end and have ideas ricocheting round my head!

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