Friday, 23 March 2012

Street Art & Graffiti: Love it or hate it?

Swoon for Swoon...

I have become fascinated with the how gritty and dirty urban scenes and landscapes can look beautiful with even the smallest addition of colour. This got me to pondering what I feel about street art and grafitti, but I felt that to have a valid opinion I needed to do some research...

I found this work by artist Swoon and fell in love...not only is the use of pattern and colour just divine but I was particularly struck by the fact that none of the graffiti underneath had been cleaned painted over to make way for such a stunning piece of artwork. The more I reflected on this, the more I understood the integrity of the artist. I felt that perhaps that it was in some  way it had been intended to show respect towards the graffiti artists and was not asserting a greater right to be there. I also love the tenderness and affection in this scene. I feel that this is an antithesis to the stereotypical image of street art which may be perceived as anarchic and agressive.

Street art is not just confined to painting and spraying but also encompasses deconstruction and reconstruction. The artist is unknown, but for me this little blasts of coloured Lego among the drab and decay are genius!

If Lego isn't your thing then this gold geometric inset might be more your style, which appeared on the streets of L.A. Personally I am more of a Lego girl...a little bit square and very bright (ha ha)!

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  1. i love lego ... but I think I love the gold chunks even more, although I am not sure why. Perhaps I like a bit of bling!