Friday, 30 March 2012

A time and a place!

This image really got me thinking about is there rules about when and were is graffiti acceptable...I actually felt a little bit cross when I first viewed this photo because I felt it had crossed a line. For me to see a dark drab dirty urban street covered with graffiti which adds colour feels acceptable (not that I am in anyway condoning illegally defacing the way), but i do get it and often if the work is good I feel that it adds to rather than takes away from the scene? But to see this piece of nature in all it's purity with graffiti on it for me was a no go zone. In spite of fact that I knew that it will inevitably melt and be washed away was no consolation for the violation in my book. Ultimately I think the thing I love about graffiti is when it colours something not already beautiful...then I get it!

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