Thursday, 22 March 2012

Keep Drawing...

Beautiful tree rings

It's no secret that practice makes perfect and I desperately want my drawings to improve, to help with this I have begun to keep looking for drawing styles that I personally aspire to. I was captivated by the work of Tony Hong and have totally fallen in love his Pen and Ink Tree Rings drawing which echoes back to my original thoughts about producing a design with layers which have meaning in terms of their history. I have decided to draw on this for my own drawing work.

Another illustrator who totally inspires me is Alexis Marcou, I adore the way guide lines and marks are not removed in the final outcome which adds to the fluidity and beauty of the final outcome which juxtaposes organic and geometric mark making making the work simply beautiful. In this particular work The Dragon Year I love the way in which the image has been cut and rearranged to abstract the form. The use of colour within the black and white drawing is striking and is something I will experiment with in my own work.

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